We Make CrossFit LESS Intimidating!
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What's the catch?
The magic of 5280 CrossFit is that there is no catch. You are under no obligation to become a member. Most people absolutely love our group classes. But we want you to have the opportunity to try it for yourself. That's why we offer two weeks for FREE. We're willing to invest our time and energy in YOU.
We Believe: 
5280 CrossFit is THE CrossFit Gym for the REST of us! 
We Provide:
A SAFE and MEASURED way to become a CrossFitter.
We Promise:
You will both look and feel better than you ever have.
5280 CrossFit has changed my life - it is not just about lifting weights or just losing weight, it is about being healthy and physically able to REALLY live life. I drive past a dozen other gyms to get to 5280 because the coaches are fantastic and the amazing group of people who work out here are super supportive. It's motivating. It's fun. Try it!
- Lori G.
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With our FREE two week trial, you get to experience 5280 without committing to anything. If you're new to CrossFit, you will be in a foundational class where we teach you proper form and technique and provide an effective workout.

Foundational classes start every other week.
Our coaches will help customize workouts for you based on your experience and fitness level. No experience required.

*Experienced CrossFitters - You can enjoy unlimited classes during these two weeks. We'll keep you safe too... every regular class has a strong focus on form, technique and safety. 
During our 2 week trial, coming to the gym goes from being a chore to becoming the best hour of your day. We Promise
Hi, I’m Jason, the Owner here at 5280 CrossFit.

My team and I have been running fitness programs responsible for helping people just like you, safely lose thousands of pounds and develop a well rounded fitness over the last 3 years here in Golden.

While that’s amazing. I’m most proud of the results our members have made outside of the gym like enjoying hikes on Table Mountain, developing confidence in their work and home life, and being healthy and physically able to REALLY live life.

Read my story below... 
I always thought I would end up obese. Just writing those words touches a deep fear that goes back to my childhood. My family always struggled with obesity. It’s in our genes. I remember sucking in my tummy in middle school because I thought I was fat. I remember the absolute fear I had to take off my shirt or go to the pool - and I wasn’t an obese kid. I perceived that I was a fat kid and was afraid that I would be fat when I grew up. Even when I was at the top of my sport, gymnastics, I was afraid of what would happen to my body when I stopped gymnastics. After I stopped, and the 20 years thereafter, I felt obesity would catch me. No matter how many miles I ran or how much time I logged on the elliptical, I was terrified of ending up obese. 

Before I started CrossFit at age 38, I was thick. I tried everything: eating less, running more, biking long distances, adding pushups and sit-ups to my daily routing, spending an hour on the elliptical machine a few times a week. I didn’t feel in control of my future. It would surely end in obesity.

It was as if I was driving downhill on an icy street. I felt a deep anxiety that I was going to become obese and the brake pedal wouldn’t stop the momentum. My kids were going to have a fat dad. I was going to be an adult who didn’t want to take my shirt off at the pool or on the beach. 

I didn’t know that CrossFit would change my body composition when I started. I had gotten in the habit of avoiding my body in the mirror at home, but a few months into my CrossFit journey, I noticed was that my shadow looked different during workouts that included running. In less than 2 months, I looked different in the mirror. 

Suddenly, I felt an uptick in the hope of my future. My hope was recalibrated. I could now see a future with me in control, in the drivers seat, and I’m not going to end up like mom and dad. My future is mine.

You still might be a little skeptical... 
I know I would be if I were you.
Starting a new fitness program is scary (even for 2 weeks). I was terrified the first time I stepped into a CrossFit Gym. But 5280 CrossFit is Different... 

We Make CrossFit LESS Intimidating! We'll show you everything! We'll keep you safe. 
Your friends will say that CrossFit is too dangerous - we'll prove them wrong here at 5280. 

We are ALL here for you. Our coaches are here for you and will keep you safe.

As a matter of fact, many of our members below had that same skepticism and doubt in their heads when they started their transformations. But just look what they have to say...

  • FAQs
 Where is 5280 CrossFit?
811 Brickyard Circle 
(Just West of Holidaily Brewing)
Golden, CO 80005
 How can I contact if I have a question?
You can call (or even text us) at (720) 575-0729, or you can send me an email at jason@5280-crossfit.com. 
 When are your regular group classes?
We have one of the most complete schedules of any CrossFit gym.
Classes are offered 7 days a week, starting as early as 5:30 am and ending as late as 7:30 pm. With over 40 group class options each week, I’m sure we can find something that works with your schedule.
 How long are sessions?
Our sessions are one hour long and include a full warm up, workout, and a cool down, which them easy to fit into a busy schedule. 
 Do you have parking?
Fear not! We have parking spaces galore...
 Who is this program for?
This program is for anyone interested in improving their overall quality of life. Our members range from ex-collegiate athletes to grandmothers in their mid-seventies. We can help you regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.
 But what If I am REALLY out of shape and super nervous?
I was in your shoes. Trust me when I tell you, you’ll be totally fine. Take the first step and come talk with us, you have nothing to lose...
 I have an injury. Can I still do the program?
In short, yes. Our workouts are easily tailored meaning we can work around past injuries, tight muscles, and creaky joints.
 I consider myself pretty fit, will this be too easy?
No way! Our process allows us to meet you where you're at and provide you with GREAT workouts with top-tier coaches!
 What if I can’t make it every day to train?
Good. You’re not supposed to train everyday. Your body needs periods of rest to recover from the exercise you’ll do here. That said, we do recommend that you commit to training 3x per week during your 2 weeks.
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